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제목 BB15 CO2 Incubator 2019-08-13 16:44:53
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Major Features
Precise temperature and CO2 control for optimal growth conditions
Powerful humidification system for short recovery times
Solid copper interior for permanent contamination control (optional)

Temperature Control
A precise Pt 1000 temperature sensor controls the air jacket heating for constant temperature. In case of failure, the system
is equipped with a second circuit, taking over control to keep the temperature at the preset value.

CO2 Control
The CO2 concentration is measured with a highly reliable TCD sensor. The sensor is auto calibrated on every auto-start routine.

For reducing the surface area, the water pan has been eliminated and the bottom of the chamber is used as a water reservoir.
Therefore, a quicker evaporation rate has been achieved, through a greater water surface area and supported by the direct
heat transfer from the bottom of the chamber.

Minimal Surface
The BB 15 chamber is consequently designed for a less contamination-prone surface area. It doesn’t have any air ducts
and no duplicate side walls. The shelf system has been reduced to the absolute minimum. Even the water pan has been
eliminated. Therefore, the BB 15 has up to 50% less surface than other incubators.

Easy to Clean
The chamber has a high quality electropolished finish resulting in a very smooth surface. All corners and edges are coved; there are no bolts or screws inside. All door gaskets can be easily removed and reinstalled, making cleaning easy.

Easy to Use
The shelf system is easy to mount and take off. The shelves contain a travel stop to avoid tipping when dragged out too far. The back of the chamber is equipped with a 42mm (1.7 inch) access port to facilitate installation of appliances within the chamber. Large displays allow easy parameter control.

Solid Copper Interior (optional)
The BB 15 is available with a solid copper interior. The chamber, the shelving
system, the fan and even the fan housing is made of solid copper. Solid copper
has been proven to show good antimicrobial activity. In the humid atmosphere
the copper surface will slightly oxidize and microbes settling down on this
surface get inactivated by the released copper ions. And because copper oxide is not volatile, it will not affect any cells in vessels or flasks that are not in contact with the copper surface. This results in a very effective, permanent contamination control of the whole interior surface area.
Left: BB 15 Function Line
CO2 incubator ideal for
cell and tissue culture.
Right: The BB 15
chamber is consequently
designed for less
surface area.



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